Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Yet again religion Vs Humanity or Religion with humanity ?

Whether it is saffron, green or white God knows when we would we stop fighting in his name. We all believe in the supreme (except the very few who say they are atheists) but why is that we all can’t coexist ?

The other day my friends were forcing me to eat non-vegetarian food when despite them forcing me so much I did not eat; they concluded that because I am a Brahmin I wasn’t eating. But I am not some one who follow religion blindly or perhaps even follow religion, in fact I would rather prefer to be called secular and more importantly human (definition: to be humane).

I don't think religion makes a difference, in fact as I love animals and I believe they have all the right to live, I do not eat them. None of my activities are forced by my religion or done by me under the influence of my religion, nor would I ever advocate any one to blindly follow something (whether religion or science) without there own logic.

I think there is something more important and above religion and that’s humanity, I don't think any religion teaches one to murder, steal, or perhaps rape, does it? If it does than you should know that scripts could be amended, altered and modified as one wants them to be.

It is sad to see people fighting over pity things like color of the God or the way he is prayed, Hindus more popularly known by saffron and Muslims by green. Oh can you believe it! You knew it before I could even tell you; we had already divided the colors psychologically?

I have been to different religious places as well as places of prayer of different religions, from Churches to mosques I found no difference except for the difference in the way people think. There is nothing one take with them, no religion, no money and no people, so why is it that we keep fighting for irrelevant things throughout our lives.

I think it is hard to make the less educated understand as the only education they have received is religion, however the ones who are blessed with knowledge more than the mere learning at home should not be held back by the apprehensions and should try to evolve out of these age old bindings’.

On the day of Hanuman Jayanti (If you are a Hindu and you do not know this festival than do not be embarrassed, as this is not celebrated very popularly) I could see saffron color flags all around(Can you believe in Hyderabad) some people carrying it on vehicles and many hosting it in front of there shops. I do not have a problem with the color as saffron is a beautiful color, but it’s about the symbolism people have started using that color for.

It’s been more than a week and Hyderabad still is suffering from communal tensions and if you would know the reason it started I am sure you would not believe it.

Started with a small issue of removal of some flags by Municipal Corporation this issue magnified like a forest fire.
But at the end of the day people who are the sufferers are the ones who were not involved; people who were in house arrest due to curfew for almost a week, had no place to go out and no place to stay safe. The daily wagers who were left with no money and no food to eat, but for the summer heat.I wonder which religion preaches this.

Yet again it is an age old fight Religion Vs Humanity, but I would say why not religion along with humanity? Why do we even separate both, why cant we follow both?

if you can read this I am sure you need no guidance to figure out what is right for you, and the society.
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