Monday, 29 March 2010

“Arrange marriage” do you think it is a piece of cake?

My mom gave me a choice either I find a guy (with her specifications) or she would find one.

Can you guess what did I do? Well, let me give you the statistic which will help you in guessing what I did.

There are almost 70% Hindus in India that makes almost 0.70 billion, out of the total population there are almost 5% Brahmins that leaves me with .035 billion selected population. The percentage of men in India is approximately 60 % of total population, so that makes it .021 billion men.

How many of those men do you think fall in a category of my selection? Let’s say qualification and age wise? And yes how can I forget my Mom is specific about north Indians.

Now If I divide the population in half ( approximating I can only select from anyone in north of central India) that leaves me with .0105 billion men in north India. The youth population above 25 would be almost 60% of the population that makes it 0.0063 billion men. Now on an average lets say 60% of these are married that leaves us with 0.00252 billion single men.

My parents obviously wont like an average educated guy for a double postgraduate girl of their so that gives me a tough choice with a minimum education of Masters. As the education above post graduation is limited that may be hardly with 1% of population hence I am only left with 0.00252 billion men.

Remember, I am left with .252 million eligible guys. Now did I tell you we have this specific Horoscope match (kundali-chakar). So they see the stars, moon, sun and God knows what all to find a match. Lets say out of those at least 1% match and that would make it 0.000252 million (252000) people left. As we live in an area and cannot meet all the people together the possibility of we able to connect to the number of people out of the total would be 1% that makes it 2520 and I am sure you would not be considering any body single and above 32 so that’s make the choice narrow down to 1% of that hence on an average 252.

So the choice given to me is only 25.2 individuals out of a country of billion, and let me remind you we are not yet done. Half of these I would not like to be with and lets say more than a quarter do not like me so we are in total left with hardly 7 individuals to choose out from.

Despite my selection out of those 7, I am sure there would be a lot of emotional and sentimental drama, I will have to go though at home. so I made an intelligent decision and asked her (Mom) to do the needful.

I think it is always easy to find guys but very difficult to find “the guy”. I am not sure for how many centuries we have a institution of marriage, but I wonder how much hard work is involved in a so called arranged marriage.
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