Friday, 11 June 2010

Look inside yourself

It was bright and colored in white,
It was near me yet so far.
But I could still see it with my eyes,
With a bliss of unknown delight.

See the self in the mirror and
See the self within the flesh.
See the soul inside you,
Beside the worldly glamour and disguise.

You can’t cheat him and you can’t hide
You can’t lie and can’t misguide.
It’s inside you and your basis of living,
It’s more than the conscience you value in this life.

Hold on to you and look in self,
There it appears piled with sins.
You might worry if you did it all,
It’s your soul and only yours who will have to carry all load

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Moments of life

There are moments you restrain,
There are moments from which you refrain.
You run and you hide,
You instigate and you mitigate.

You remember some lost names,
You recall some forgotten games.
When you hear that similar sounding line and think,
Oh I have heard it before some place.

Every day in the present,
You carry those past states.
Were you were loved and cared by some
And ditched by some of the mates.

Life is lovely and lovely are those old forgotten days
There are moments which make you laugh,
And there are other for which you weep.
For rest of the memories you cherish they look good buried deep.