Saturday, 10 April 2010

The Lonely Lane, Where I Found You

Walking down the memory, I saw the lonely lane where I found you,
You looked inane,yet so sensible and so sensitive,
Either it was my views or perhaps the way I looked at you,
the damage was done and there was no room for correction, but you.

I know may be it was me and only me who was wrong,
Lost in the self and your self, you could only blame me.
I am lost but founded, brave but wounded.
It’s easy to forgive trust me but never will I forget.

I Made rooms for changes, changes for you,
Everything changed but, I could never think neither will you remain the same
Moved away from the land, and from the same sky,
I would start again and again make a home.

Never accompanied yet never alone.
I stand taller than you, and will always.
Buried deep in your ego, I hope you find some Peace
And I hope some day you will visit again the lonely lane where I found you.
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