Sunday, 31 March 2013

Story of the broken heart

Watery eyes with emotions pouring down.
The skin getting rougher from all the sides.
Beauty was losing its age slowly,
love had gone but the life yet to end.

The songs played had no melody,
sarcasm was in all the questioning eyes.
This was not the only misery,
the cast of past shadow where still not slimming away.

The song of the unknown routes of life,
the silky sloughed emotions
and the sulky heart was still pouring,
down all the way till feet.

The story of broken heart,
Is long to be heard.
It’s the soul which matters,
and yet body made to suffer.

Monday, 25 March 2013

someday It would be us forever.

Some day  life will be larger than it appears.
Some day there will be colors, more than grey and white
Some day there will be a rainbow and not the thunders scaring me away
Some day you will be holding me while we look at the sky.

Some day I will not be kept waiting.
Some day the shadows of dark won’t hunt me any longer.
Some day the sun would come to my balcony,
Smiling with glory and filling my life with light.

Some day there will be a new dawn.
Some day it will be more than disappointment.
Some day it will be more than coffee,
and  will be served with  love and care.

Some day my dear,someday you would learn
that its not about only you.
Someday it will be more than that little pride.
someday It would be us  forever.

Friday, 1 March 2013

For all the loving souls

Revisiting the old lessons of wisdom,
On a new page of life.
Meeting the unknown name,
Stepping out from the known.

I am back again,
Again on crossroads.
Having Known them well before
I still came so far

Anguished and uncertain,
Despite knowing there is only one home.
Having known the truth,
Still flew in false hope.

Here I come back,
To learn the hard way.
But as always ready to learn,
Despite whatever they say.

Here I am with no hard feelings,
With a warm heart and wide open arms.
This time for a new tomorrow,
For all the loving souls.