Sunday, 29 July 2012

This is for you my love

This for the never occurred thought.
The sound of never imagined.
Setting symphony and orchestra,
For an unknown song of destiny

This for the lovely persona,
The beautiful undefined expression.
This is for the unspoken lines,
This for the unidentified emotions.

This is for the unknown ways.
This is for how we never planned and met,
This is for the moments we spent.
This for the reasons not known.

There was no set stage,
No actions and no character to be played,
There is no one who had asked ,
But this is for you my love.

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Now I want to Change

I am the mesmerized psycho,
Willing to be carried away.
Sizzling in the sentenced life,
Never able to make it to the lanes of destiny.

Surfacing the reality of life ,
Acting to the very word of divine .
I am Pronouncing the unlikely and
Trying to sing lamely in self glory.

Blinded by the lust,
And waiting to get drifted away.
When I was buried deep down in shame,
Intensified emotions brought me to the surface

Waking up after a deep sleep, now I want to change
I want to get up and stand on my own
Unshaken by the shadow of past sins
I want to purify the air with newly gained spirit of my soul