Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Appearances could be deceptive

When I heard the news about so called Swami,”Nithyananda” I was not surprised, shocked or hurt. I think it’s usually the people who are to be blamed rather than an individual. If you believe in some one above human you must not give any individual so much importance and place them equaling God and if you do not believe in anything like God there is no scope for further discussion.

Let it be some so called SWAMI or some politician we always set our beliefs to the extra ordinary set of expectations and than want them to come true.

I mean let’s just list out a simple example of a recent politician linked to a lady related to IPL stake, I guess you know the rest if you don’t please find out because the issue is not what happened but why it happened.

We live in a society with idealistic views were we are comfortably living and want to continue living in veils of our disguised images. Can you think of a lady politician wearing skirts or trousers(In India), I don’t think you would because you are ingrained with a thought that lady politicians In India are wrapped in 5.5 meters of cloth most of the times faded and dull colored ones or to the most modern ones wearing salwar kamiz with a dupatta almost as long as a sari (I know that’s a little exaggerated).

Aren’t we masking the reality behind the veils and not letting the truth be in the most nascent and raw form which is nothing but the truth.

I do not understand how does it make a difference if a minister wears skirt, sari or may be trouser( on more professional attire) until and unless they are good at their work nothing should matter.But In India we believe in deceiving and carrying a deceptive looks, if you wear a sari you are seen like that sati-savitri (she was considered the most pious women) and you wear a mini skirts there are always eyebrows raised whereas the fact is these are just appearances and as I said they could be deceptive.

Living in your own dual lives you are shocked, hurt and let down when some news like these reveal the inside truth. I mean how could you expect some other creature made with the same five elements as you, not be lead away by lust, greed or success after all its human isn’t it?

I think the cultural beliefs should be set on the foundation of transparency and truth rather than making it look like pristine or rosy (when I say look like I mean “fake it”). It’s more like accepting some one smooching in public (you would remember an incident of famous Lady politician and lady business tycoon featured on page1 of news paper) rather than making sex tape inside saffron cloths of a spiritual guru.

Over the past this is not the first incident or the only incident which has shown the hypocrisy of our beliefs or the the deception we want to live in. Whether it is family, relations or outside world we believe in the superficial appearances. If you wear a veil of piousness you are so, whereas if you are blunt with your thoughts your character could anytime be in danger.

The only thing I think before I believe is appearances could be deceptive, so don’t believe what you see and don’t see what appears; try to look beneath the layers and below the surface you might come face to face with the ugly but raw truth.
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