Sunday, 21 October 2012

Windows of Life

Sane and insane windows of life
Are visible to none
The older, the wiser , the unknown and own 
It deceived one and all.

Peeping and sneaking away some how
We got along some way of adventure
Looking for the truth,
Behind the tall beautiful painted walls.

When looked into details
There appeared a crack
Through which you could see,
See all the minute flaws

No two bricks appeared similar
Nor were the shades the same
The beauty which was visible so far
Blame it to perception actually seemed lame

Call it ignorance or innocence
Yet it filled me with shame
The vision was blurred and the belief shaken,
But then it occurred to me "to err is human".

This is a game * caution  "Addictive, hurtful"
However I know you will play it again

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Complications of sophisticated love stories

Complications of sophisticated love stories,
Are the infamous and  rare.

In midst of the busy schedule,
They hardly took time to care.

The gorgeous glowing skin fades away soon,
And the cracks below the skin deep beauty, are soon revealed.

The wining smiles win a thousand hearts,
And in the end disappear like a shooting star.

The music of confused soul could hardly play,
And in the end they were forced to play the original way.

The disguised frame with a window on it,
Has more to offer than beautiful lies

Sins are many but few move to fame,
Stories with love and passion sound the same

Complicated love stories are every where,
Looking for rescue and looking for shoulder to share

There is always a prince and there is a princess,
But my dear this is a game with few more names

Sunday, 29 July 2012

This is for you my love

This for the never occurred thought.
The sound of never imagined.
Setting symphony and orchestra,
For an unknown song of destiny

This for the lovely persona,
The beautiful undefined expression.
This is for the unspoken lines,
This for the unidentified emotions.

This is for the unknown ways.
This is for how we never planned and met,
This is for the moments we spent.
This for the reasons not known.

There was no set stage,
No actions and no character to be played,
There is no one who had asked ,
But this is for you my love.

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Now I want to Change

I am the mesmerized psycho,
Willing to be carried away.
Sizzling in the sentenced life,
Never able to make it to the lanes of destiny.

Surfacing the reality of life ,
Acting to the very word of divine .
I am Pronouncing the unlikely and
Trying to sing lamely in self glory.

Blinded by the lust,
And waiting to get drifted away.
When I was buried deep down in shame,
Intensified emotions brought me to the surface

Waking up after a deep sleep, now I want to change
I want to get up and stand on my own
Unshaken by the shadow of past sins
I want to purify the air with newly gained spirit of my soul

Friday, 29 June 2012

World without any boundaries…… sky without any horizons

There may not be many who appreciate a piece of write-up without a proper flow….a write up without proper commas and full stops……….

I like  abstracts without any pauses .....may be for the very simple reason that life is not about proper flow …’s like a tablet and “caution” no sugar coatings.....sometimes I hate myself for being so honest...and probably it’s an answer to the most popular boring  interview question " what are your negatives" and my answer is so obvious ….I am so bl**dy honest......

Learning the art of sugar coating is the biggest added advantage and may be sooner or later all of us realize it...some after the first fall and some after may be the 10th.....but the truth is we do’s different that despite realising you behave like how I a spotted cheetah...who can never hide those spots.....despite anything ....never learn to slow down…….

Out of all the things I write... I admire  and love to just keep writing without any proper flow….without any mental picture….without any set image…..and then realise may be it does make sense…..and  may be  hopefully someone will understand it.

I guess most often than not all of us are scared of abrupt things….scared of sentences without full stops and commas….we are scared everywhere…... scared in everything... in love…in work….and  in most parts of our life….we hate it when plans don’t work…. hate it when we plan to bake a cake and it turns out to be a paste of batter……. Nevertheless….the best things in world have evolved from the worst and unless we aren’t prepared …..The best would never be known……

Looking out for consistencies in life .......we seem to have lost ourselves  thirst of the perfect world…. which  is almost  impossible…..which we have been searching for  all our lives..... almost throughout our life…. we are forgetting to live …….we forget to  relax to smell the fragrance around....……

may be its time we start living….we start accepting those lines without commas.... pauses and full stops  because it is not important that you always  make sense.......but what is important is we learn to live......learn to fly in a sky without horizons.......learn to live in a world without boundaries..

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

The Forbidden Fruit

You tried so much, so much to stop yourself.
You tried so much, so much to be in control.
Rolling down with emotions,
You always landed on the wrong side.

You held everything so firm, so firm
Until you could walk no more with their mass.
You walked on a string, the one which was thin and hard,
The one you could hardly balance in and hardly managed to walk.

You crossed those lines and crossed those set marks,
You left all boundaries made out of your own disguise.
You started new trends and turned into a rebel,
But did only mistake, mistake of tasting the forbidden fruit.

Sunday, 27 May 2012

The love I have for life

Mesmerized by the one I saw,
I kept walking on the walkway along.
I looked towards the more blessed
To learn how I am not.

It always looked greener ,
And it always looked brighter..Oh’ dear

Subdued emotions still let me live,
Though every pebble I moved still seemed a rock.
Every emotion seemed heavy,
With every hour and second passing by the clock.

Inspired by the virtues of love,
I began a journey of pain .
I rolled beneath the lovely looking sky,
Deceiving the thorns below my bed .

I began with the little, the little I had known.
Don’t believe I am still afraid of the unknown.
The quest and the quench is ever lasting,
I will still try to walk no matter how many times I fall.

This time not mesmerized by the one I saw, but for the love I have for life

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

You tried to loosen up without having any ties

You tried to loosen up, until you got really tied,
Until you got tangled more, because you tried really hard
The bonding’s of unknown, with no space for the ones actually known,
The ones who are sitting next to you always got a frown.
The more you tried to get unstrained, the more you got closed in the trail
Farther from the real world and closer to the destinations you have never made
Working clumsily in your life, you tried all modern and the older styles.
Struggling in the haze and snuggling everything you meet on your ways
Not judging your means and how you have lived your life
With so much I shared with you and so much I had cared
You kept testing everyone around with no reasons you dared
While you thought you are unbinding you actually tied yourself back

For me it had been different as I have been much more alive
Realizing the fun of being tied is different from the freedom of skies.
Having learned to try all ways despite restraints around
Still learning to stay calm in those trembling and moving surround.

Not trying to unwind, not trying it really hard
I haven’t got wasted like you and neither have I cried  
Staying more surprised though staying a little shied
You realized it right; I am keeping myself tied and still staying alive