Sunday, 9 September 2012

Complications of sophisticated love stories

Complications of sophisticated love stories,
Are the infamous and  rare.

In midst of the busy schedule,
They hardly took time to care.

The gorgeous glowing skin fades away soon,
And the cracks below the skin deep beauty, are soon revealed.

The wining smiles win a thousand hearts,
And in the end disappear like a shooting star.

The music of confused soul could hardly play,
And in the end they were forced to play the original way.

The disguised frame with a window on it,
Has more to offer than beautiful lies

Sins are many but few move to fame,
Stories with love and passion sound the same

Complicated love stories are every where,
Looking for rescue and looking for shoulder to share

There is always a prince and there is a princess,
But my dear this is a game with few more names
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