Friday, 26 April 2013

Misery of being idle and being engaged

I lay lazed and shrunk,
from dawn to dusk.
With idle mind and body,
they say you shall lose it all.

Doing nothing! Nothing at all?
But this is my seldom experience
to gather the wisdom,
from the sun and the wind.

There have been no past events,
nor there happens to be a chance.
Where I was in comfort,
without any stance.

Then I pondered, told my self.
Let’s enjoy the misery,
misery of being idle
and being engaged.

Monday, 8 April 2013

Someday I was here.

The reminiscent of these pathways will remain deep.
The hidden gateways, the known sidewalks
The dosa and the coffee will be missed
These one-ways, these dead ends
The narrow roads with large big pit falls
The summer rain and the pleasant winters
It will always remain ingrained.
This city would know me and I would know her forever
Some day if I am back
This land would know I was here
and was the most passionate lover
There would be many
who will be her guests,
But there would be very few like me,
Who would learn her so well.
From language to streets.
From directions to treats.
All would know and agree,
Someday I was here.