Monday, 26 April 2010

Silence speak louder than words. Does it?

I some times feel we have been so habituated of the noise that living in silence could give hazardous result. More often than not I have so much to speak that I go on and on for hours, well that may be because I speak to very few people and always have so much to tell them.

However as some one said silence could be louder than words, I yet think how many of us have actually have thought about it.

My college was close to a school however this was a very different school, If you pass by you would never hear any noise, any chaos but silence. There was no noise doesn’t mean there was nothing to be said, nothing to be expressed or no questions to be asked.There were more inquisitive kids than you have seen and more questions than you would have ever thought or imagined.

The other day while I was traveling I met this wonderful kid who could hardly hear and could not speak but I felt so embarrassed when a 10 year old had so many questions thrown at me and I had no answers to tell her.

She had so many questions like were do I live, what do I do, were is my home, why do I live here, If I am married and so many other questions for few I had no answers for few no explanations and for the rest I was too dumb to understand.

I was wondering how much is this kid gifted with. The ability to think and question, I bet any normal kid would ask you all these questions and even be able to communicate to more than their immediate material needs. When I said normal child I did not mean these kids are abnormal I meant they are gifted and blessed more than me or you.

Our life is so much limited to words that even to our most loved ones we need words to express no one understands more or less than that. We have forgotten to understand the unspoken and interpret the unheard.

If I could only interpret signals, there was so much joy filled in her that she did not take seconds to open up to a stranger, ask her the minute details which not even my close friends have ever asked. If you do not call it confidence than may be you could call it being bold in the ruthless world.

In midst of the all the noise if you seek peace, I wouldn’t suggest you to meet these kids but if you seek wisdom and a way out of confusion do meet them, May be they will give you a piece of mind.
May be you will realize that with so many words you still need to find a new dictionary to answer them, may be you will know what is life without words, how to communicate in a language unspoken and actions unrecognized.

I am speechless and lack words may be I need a reference too, to understand the different world of silence which exist within the world filled with noise.
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