Sunday, 27 May 2012

The love I have for life

Mesmerized by the one I saw,
I kept walking on the walkway along.
I looked towards the more blessed
To learn how I am not.

It always looked greener ,
And it always looked brighter..Oh’ dear

Subdued emotions still let me live,
Though every pebble I moved still seemed a rock.
Every emotion seemed heavy,
With every hour and second passing by the clock.

Inspired by the virtues of love,
I began a journey of pain .
I rolled beneath the lovely looking sky,
Deceiving the thorns below my bed .

I began with the little, the little I had known.
Don’t believe I am still afraid of the unknown.
The quest and the quench is ever lasting,
I will still try to walk no matter how many times I fall.

This time not mesmerized by the one I saw, but for the love I have for life