Tuesday, 16 November 2010

After a long time..............

After a long time,
From the hidden stories, to the revealed truth.
It seems similar yet a different drama altogether
It looks as if I lost it again,
But founded how to loose it again.

I borrowed words to express,
I stole emotions to impress.
But I could still be me when in anger and distress,
As I said after a long time there is a progress.

Mild and heavy packets of emotions,
Lovely and sad similar moments.
With walks with similar talks,
With notions making it looks same
After a long time it looks similar but it is so different

Sunday, 14 November 2010

If I was

If I was wind who could fly,
would have no limits and set no boundaries,
before reaching your yard.

If I was rays who could rise,
would have come to your door steps evry morning.
Lifted the veil of dark from your face,
would have smiled at you all bright.

If I was drops of dew,
that could melt.
would hav sprinkled my self on your eyes
made you feel how cold, is my melted soul.

If I could read your mind,
would want to know,
how fast is your heart beat right now ?
want to know if you like me liking you.