Tuesday, 1 April 2014


On a random day, have you ever thought- GOD!!!! What am I doing, why am I here!!!  

Thinkers have so many things to think about and there is no reason or perhaps no conclusion to drive out anyway. I wish like a computer we could shut down our brain, hibernate it or may be restart it.  But you keep thinking incessantly until your brains turn sore or/ and you fall asleep.
Or maybe you are one of those no thinker types sitting in a corner on a bean bag, like another bean bag drinking beer, watching some stupid movie. Who cares if you gained 5 kgs in last 2 months and what if your waist is pushing scales beyond 40”.

Have you ever thought that life was simple sometimes but for the rest it sucks big time.

Do you remember those people who made it difficult for you? That bully who always mocked you in the class making you look stupid. That friend who betrayed you, the guy who broke your heart and the gossip monger bitch who spread rumours about you.
Well you wish they all suffer in hell, that they are roasted like pig on a barbecue and you could see all that and feel the fulfilment and joy which you are just now going through.
Ah did you just say I am a sadist. But did it not all come back to you. Weren't you flipping through the pages of your memory to compile that list of bêtes noires. You didn't even have to dust it enough as probably you know where it is.

Now what about those incidents that always bring a thankful smile on your face.

Your bike stopped on the signal, you were blocking the traffic behind, embarrassed and frantically trying to kick start it. Amid the constant honking from behind, the bike refuses to start and you start pushing it to make way for traffic. And then suddenly some random strangers lend their help seeing you struggling with it.

Or the other day, when it suddenly started pouring and you had to run for cover. Seeing you standing below the shed of the roof the owners call you in and offer you coffee. After some hesitation you drink it to your pleasant surprise you are still awake and thankful to those strangers.

Or may be the zillionth time when you can’t find your pen to fill a form in a bank you borrow it from some stranger who stops midway through his form to help you first (GOD who fills forms in the bank in this age, where are we in stone age).

Perhaps we feel they were just few lucky encounters. But what about those friends who have stood by you for years now. You would forget their birthdays every year if it was not for Facebook to remind you. But they never forget to wish you or keep in touch with sending a personal email more often then you scrap back.

It’s about what’s important, precious and more precisely the things you want to remember. If you want to remember the ugly ones I am sure you will find many miserable ones but if you really wish to know how blessed you are, it’s time you turn the other side of the coin.

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