Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Come Let's Go For A Ride.

Come let’s go for a ride
On the south coast line,
To the hills in north.
In the valleys and in the marsh land,
Where there are some forests,
And some swamps.
Come let’s go for a ride

Let’s see the rainbow,

and all the different colors of sky.
Let’s hunt for a place so peaceful,
Where we hear the swaying wind,
And the narrow river tides.
Come let’s go for a ride

Let’s look for the wonderland,

Ride on road, and muddy shallow path,
Ride in snow, ride on ice,
On the beach and the plateau,
In the greens and to the lagoon,
Come let’s go for a ride.

Let’s live in a wonderland we find.

Near the fountain and in the hills.
Where we could eat the wild fruits,
and smell the wild flowers
come lets ride to the other side.
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