Wednesday, 22 February 2012

You tried to loosen up without having any ties

You tried to loosen up, until you got really tied,
Until you got tangled more, because you tried really hard
The bonding’s of unknown, with no space for the ones actually known,
The ones who are sitting next to you always got a frown.
The more you tried to get unstrained, the more you got closed in the trail
Farther from the real world and closer to the destinations you have never made
Working clumsily in your life, you tried all modern and the older styles.
Struggling in the haze and snuggling everything you meet on your ways
Not judging your means and how you have lived your life
With so much I shared with you and so much I had cared
You kept testing everyone around with no reasons you dared
While you thought you are unbinding you actually tied yourself back

For me it had been different as I have been much more alive
Realizing the fun of being tied is different from the freedom of skies.
Having learned to try all ways despite restraints around
Still learning to stay calm in those trembling and moving surround.

Not trying to unwind, not trying it really hard
I haven’t got wasted like you and neither have I cried  
Staying more surprised though staying a little shied
You realized it right; I am keeping myself tied and still staying alive
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