Sunday, 21 October 2012

Windows of Life

Sane and insane windows of life
Are visible to none
The older, the wiser , the unknown and own 
It deceived one and all.

Peeping and sneaking away some how
We got along some way of adventure
Looking for the truth,
Behind the tall beautiful painted walls.

When looked into details
There appeared a crack
Through which you could see,
See all the minute flaws

No two bricks appeared similar
Nor were the shades the same
The beauty which was visible so far
Blame it to perception actually seemed lame

Call it ignorance or innocence
Yet it filled me with shame
The vision was blurred and the belief shaken,
But then it occurred to me "to err is human".

This is a game * caution  "Addictive, hurtful"
However I know you will play it again

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