Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Its all about her and only her

Matters of heart are seen with a slightest regard,
She meets and departs, she loves and forgets.
She finds new people and burry the old.
She sings and dances after breaking every heart.

With a soothing tune, in a bright full moon,
She looks lovely wearing that sparkling smile.
Some day I fell for her in the similar way,
Here she is with some one new, left me with nothing to say.

She asked me to let loose, or give her some space.
I held her tighter and tighter, to have her more close.
Never knew that the warmth will turn into suffocation,
And my love for her would turn into obsession.

There she goes living in her own fancies,
She decides whom to love and who will be her foes.
She is free to smile and have anyone on her toes,
Still not knowing how many like me are living in woes.
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