Thursday, 17 March 2011

I am within you

From the facsimile of delight, here I am with little light.
From the background of darkness and the mammoth of silence,
Here I am to outshine.

I am not outer side of your shadow you see,
I just outgrew from the darkness to the light.
From whispers of the bounded, to the passion of freedom,
I am not the gloried master but the the slave who fought hard.

I am not your master nor am i the slave
I am you, who is hidden underneath self.
I am you, who is sleeping inside you.
The one whom you never saw , the one whom you never desired.

From the pain of of your agony and the want to be free.
from the willingness to step up and desire to rise.
you will have to push me a little more beyond your own ego of self.
Because, I am the lone soul going to be with you in this journey of life.
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